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One of the best uses of astrology is in analyzing relationships. Astrology can help explain why we have the friends and partners we do, and how we get along with other people by noting areas of harmony and cooperation as well as possible stress and discord. Have you ever wondered why you are sexually attracted to someone? Chances are you have one of the sexual planets Venus, Mars, Pluto forming a close angle with one or more of their sexual planets. Do you ever wonder why you can’t seem to get along with someone, despite your best efforts? You may have a personal planet such as the Sun or Moon forming a difficult angle to a malefic planet such as Mars or Saturn. In this way, relationship astrology, or “synastry”, can be a useful tool to help us make the most of our relationships. If you are single and are thinking about getting involved with someone, it is very worthwhile to get the birth data of a prospective partner. If nothing else, astrology is a labour-saving device that we can use to streamline our efforts and minimize emotional wear and tear. If there are positive contacts between the Ascendant, Sun, Moon and Venus, then you will feel at ease with the other person and you will be more likely develop a friendship.

Compatibility Based on the Date of Birth – Know Your Best Match!

Astrology is a part of the Vedas. In ancient India, our gurus had attained intuitive power, foresight through their perpetual worship. Also because of this foresight, they predict the future of a person on the basis of the movement of planets. In ancient times, education could be attained in Gurukul in which astrology study was compulsory and due to this, we are able to get this knowledge. Astrology can be divided into three parts.

It’s sensible to consider your astrology compatibility in relationships, especially or even begin to make up for serious personality shortcomings at all? a 1-​month future forecast report; a 1-month biorhythm chart and report.

A Taurus man and Pisces woman are an excellent zodiac combination. A Pisces woman is very sweet, but she often needs help functioning in the material world. She has an ethereal quality to her, and it often seems like she does not even touch the ground. A Taurus man is solid and stable and can give her just the grounding she needs. He is also very patient. He, in turn, will be charmed by her gentleness and will enjoy her company.

Vedic Astrology

But impulsive? Social butterfly? Definitely not.

If you don’t fully connect with your astrological sign, numerology might offer Which is to say, there are lots of potential number calculations you could make for your own life, but the impulsive and confident with strong personalities and opinions to match. I’m a triple leo (sun, moon, and rising) and a 1.

By Jessica. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may earn a commission. But we only recommend products and services we’ve used and love. The numerology number 1 was born to lead. They are passionate people, and their Life Path tells us they desire independence and freedom above everything else. Read the full numerology number 1 article here. It includes the life purpose and challenges of the 1, along with their traits, best-suited careers, and more.

Instead, reduce the two digits down to one, like this:. Big; Ghost and Tasha.

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We all have our own sexual temperament, tinged with particular desires and fantasies. Thanks to numerology, discover your sexual number here. This will reveal which your deepest desires as well as your best suited partner. It could also give you some naughty little ideas that will help you to spice up your sex life Are you and your partner sexually compatible?

MB Astrology Kundali Match Software is an effective and an advanced match making tool based on the principles of Vedic astrology.

Under the guidance of a highly precised and amongst the well known Astrologers in India, Astrolger Rajender Garg, astrologerrajendergarg. Astrolger Rajender Garg has been providing astrological remedies and practicing Vedic astrology from last ten years. He is a highly precised and amongst the well known Astrologers and has great faith in Vedic Astrology and always apply the rules and norms of Vedic Astrology while providing remedies and predict the fortune of individuals. Vedic astrology is a quiet and most accurate in its stream.

He certainly predicts the happenings of life using the terms of Vedic astrology in a most accurate manners. The term Sarv Gun Sampann is commonly used for newly married brides. Gun, a commonly used term is a …. There are many methods for fortune telling around the world. Among all these Astrology has taken center stage since long. This means light leading to eternal almighty.

Influence of Number 4 and 8

Our app download statistics for two major mobile operating systems iOS and Android and their growth yearoveryear for the last several years. Check Agni Vaas before performing Havan Anusthan and Hom and to find out whether the day is auspicios for doing Havan or not. Gun Milan for prospective bride and groom based on kundali for their marriage.

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Nadi System : A brainchild of Mr. Lagan Table. A brainchild of Mr. Shows if the Horoscope is under the influence of Kalsarpa Yoga along with its Effects on a Person’s life and the Remedies to repel the same. Features more than Yogas. Calculates Varshphal Analysis for Yrs. After scanning the horoscopes of the Couple, a detailed analysis of Gunas and Dosh is Displayed. Facility to save different EVENTS occurred in life and view their calculations to compare the similarity between them.

Etc and save them to be viewed for the next time. Helps determine the exact birth time of a person. The birth chart changes on the screen as and when the Time-Tool is put into use.

Chinese astrology birth chart reading

I am extremely well-read. I believe in evolution. I have a degree from a very reputable college, anassa kata. I will try to win you back by posting a picture of myself in boy briefs. Is it that whole thing where lesbianism equals witchcraft? I find all the results equal parts fun and fascinating.

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Everything in Nature is surrounded by energy fields that can be detected with dowsing. Dowsing is defined as the study of energy of field by a person who has electromagnetic ability. Remember everything in the universe is energy and dowsing relies on interpreting our physical reactions to this energy. The short answer is that no-one really knows — it just does!

The scientific world, geologists and archaeologists and so on appear to put their heads in the sand because here is something that cannot be Proved nor can it be Disproved scientifically. However it is surprising how many water, mining, oil companies and so on use dowsers in exploration work — it is never admitted because it may take away the credibility of the large concern — increasingly police forces etc.

The pendulum : This is a simple weight on the end of a piece of cord or light chain. The wooden light pulls are ideal but the pendulum varies from a key on the end of a bit of cord to a ring or a crystal. I use a piece of hazel twig for indoor working and a heavier crystal for out doors, simply because you need something that will be heavy enough not to be blown around by the wind.

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The process of matching two or more people together, usually for the purpose of marriage is known as Match-Making. The role of match-maker astrologer is quite professionalized and depends on the experience of the person responsible for making the match. Astrologers are often thought to be essential advisors who help in finding the right spouses as they have good links and a relation of good faith with the families.

Match-making is considered as a noble work as the person is responsible for bringing two families and two souls together.

TALK TO ASTROLOGER LIVE The persons born on the 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 22th, 26th,and 31st should avoid all numbers making 8 or a 4 as much as possible; not to live auspicious series, especially one of a strong vibration such as a 1,3,5,or 6. Nakshatra Report · Free Kundali · Free Kundali Matching · Shani Dosha.

Kundli is the Hindi term for horoscope. Not only does it predict your future, tells you about yourself, your problems, how to overcome them, what to do and what not to do it gives you a detailed analysis of all that you need to know about your horoscope. It is accurate prediction based on astrological data collected gathering details like time and date place of birth of an individual. It has been proven that the planets, Sun and Moon have significance in our life, and that their positions at the time of birth affect our future and personality.

Several important questions can be answered by making Kundli like: will be like, and what he will do, and what he will not do. It also predicts his relationships, monetary gains or losses and many more things. By making kundli you get to know your personality, strengths, weaknesses, hidden traits, skills, auspicious time period, favorable and unfavorable aspects as per your planets position. Therefore making kundli always helps you and plays a vital role when you are moving forward for getting success in life.

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